korean pop

korean pop

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2NE1 new song

2NE1 has a new song called I Am The Best, in 2011 it came out. The song has a new look to it. They seem more punk.  Listen to it and see if you like it, its the official music video. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vanilla Lucy

Vanilla Lucy is a Korean girl group.  The group has only 4 members. Hope you enjoy!
배다해 (Bae Da Hae) - ( Vocal )
정소라 (Jung Sora) - ( Saxophone )
지연 (Ji Yeon) - ( Violin )
혜라 (Hye Ra) - ( Cello )


Pink Dolls

Pink Dolls,

Pink Dolls sounds like an innocent band name, but there photos are just scary. There sound is some what like "2NE1".  Give them a try, you just might like it! If you already know of them, you know in 2011 they aren't that popular yet, but they are working their way up! I am starting to like it. 




AB is a Korean pop singer who has been called " Korean Lady Gaga", for her style in music& clothes.  She is a young adult,  she is about 23 years old, in 2011.  She is from Loen Entertainment. 
Loen Entertainment is a very popular Korean rap, hip hop&pop Korean music company. She is not very popular just yet, but maybe soon!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


★Secret is a 4-member girl group from South Korea,Their first EP "I Want You Back"on 13th October 2009.SongJiEun Digital Single "Yesterday"on 15th December 2009.First mini album"Secret Time"on 1st April 2010.Second mini album"Madonna"on 12th August 2010.First single album "Shy Boy" on 6th January 2011.SongJiEun Digital Single "Go Crazy"on 03rd March 2011.


Jewerly is a Korean pop girl group

Jewelry can be considered as one of the longest girl groups existing in Kpop music industry besides Baby V.O.X. The group debuted in 2001 under Star Empire Entertainment. Their first album “Discovery”, unfortunately, didn’t sell out quite well. Their second album “Again’, however, managed to reach success with two singles hitting the top music chart – “Again” and “Tonight”. Their third album, “Beloved”, also managed to make them stay in popularity chart, with “I Really Like You” and “Be My Love” as their main songs.

Piggy Dolls

A group of  Korean girls call themselves the Piggy Dolls. With catchy music and cool style, they are talented and do so great!